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Ways of choosing and using eyeglasses – after receiving free glasses

Ways of choosing and using eyeglasses – after receiving free glasses

To avoid people buying glasses, especially prescription glasses, from unfamiliar websites, we offer free glasses for those who want to try them without worries. So, here are various suggestions and ways to use your glasses when you choose and after you receive them.

How to choose eyeglasses frames.

The priority of choosing eyeglass frames is comfort; after all, a pair of glasses are worn on the face daily in addition to sleep, and comfort is undoubtedly the first point. So here are a few things to consider.
(1) If you want a lighter eyeglass frame, choose a titanium frame or TR frame, alloy frame, and plate frame, generally in about 20g, usually heavier. Especially with a high degree of friends, the lens will also be relatively thicker and more serious. The burden may be more significant if the frame is a little heavier.
(2) Now, there are a variety of shapes of eyeglass frames; you can go to the optical store to try on a variety of shapes, feel suitable for their face shape to take a picture, go online to find a similar, you can certainly find. A saying that may not be suitable for everyone is that round faces wear boxes; square faces choose, then a little round, melon face randomly picks.
(3) In general, if your prescription is strong, you can choose a single frame width and the length of the nose bridge smaller so that the cut lens will be closer to the center point and the edge of the lens will be thinner. So choosing the frame size is also related to the thickness of the finished lens processing.
(4) high prescription friends, or friends who do not like the thickness of the lens to show, you can choose the glasses with thicker frame walls, now regardless of the alloy, titanium, or TR, there are glasses with thicker frame walls, so that the frame wrapped around the lens, but also will seem less thick.
(5) People allergic to metal try to choose the leg of the glasses with a foot sleeve so that the contact with the ear is plastic rather than metal.
(6) Wide face and with a not strong prescription, it is recommended to choose a larger frame to look a bit thin face.
(7) Black color is always versatile. Darker skin tones are recommended not to choose silver, pink, and lighter colors. Instead, you can choose black, gunmetal, or fit the skin tone a little gold.


The usual care and other precautions for eyeglasses.

(1) when wiping the lenses, do not use dry paper towels because dry paper towels are rough, hard to wipe, may scratch the lenses, and wipe not clean. Likewise, do not use a rough cloth or clothes to wipe. The correct way is to clean the lens with water (or cleaning solution) and then take a mirror cloth (or mirror paper) to dry the water. If oil stains can not be cleaned, use a neutral cleaning solution such as detergent (acidic and alkaline may corrode the lens film layer) to clean. Try to wipe in one direction when wiping with a mirror cloth, so it will be clean soon and will not scratch the lens coatings. Back and forth if sometimes there is something dirty on the cloth will wear the lens and will not wipe clean.
(2) The lens is afraid of high temperatures, do not let the lens be exposed to a high-temperature environment for a long time. For example, away from boilers and other high-temperature objects, and do not put it under the front windshield of the car in the sun so that a long high temperature may lead to lens decalcification.
(3) Glasses do not soak in water for a long time. Try to wipe sweat stains to avoid oxidation of the metal part of the glasses or plating layer, to a certain extent, can extend the life of the glasses frame.
(4) When the glasses are not put in the glasses case, do not face down, but wrap them with a mirror cloth, and then put them into the case with the front side up to avoid friction between the lenses and the case.
(5) Rimless glasses frame lens without frame protection, generally easier to break; try to hold and put lightly.

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