It may seem as though direct-to-consumer brands have conquered every category out there, but DTC holding company Pattern Brands thinks there’s still room for disruption in the home space.

Enter Open Spaces, a new home organization brand that launches today with products ranging from wire baskets to shelf risers to hangers, and prices starting at $22 and going up to $470 for a “whole home” set. Open Spaces follows Equal Parts, a kitchenware company Pattern Brands launched in September.

“Our generation is moving more frequently and moving into more space [and the] organization journey only gets more complex,” said Katy Marshall, vp, general manager at Pattern. “We saw an opportunity to help consumers.”

Open Spaces won’t just sell products; the brand is also offering resources, like free tips from an organizational expert and a 10-part organization guide, to help consumers organize their homes. Unlike The Container Store and similar outlets, Open Spaces aims for a more refined array of products with sustainability at their core—there’s postindustrial metal in some products, for example, and compressed felt, which is made from recycled plastic.

And as Marshall explains, the products are modular so consumers can hold onto them for years to come.

“When we design these products we envision these products that can move and grow with you,” Marshall said. “We know our organization is moving quite a bit, and we wanted to build a product that will last for years.”

Open Spaces conducted consumer research about the home organization space for more than a year. The research included creating a fake Open Spaces, complete with website and Facebook ads to drive consumers to a “guided experience.” The team tested different ways of communicating with consumers, such as pairing them with coaches to teach them how to organize. Several insights came out of the experience including that consumers want to build better organizational habits, not just learn how to organize a part of their home.

“What we really heard is owning this space, that to go back somewhere and relax was really important,” said Nick Ling, co-founder and CEO of Pattern. “We’re bringing a design aesthetic to home organization which is a different way of thinking about the category. We want to bring this sense of calm.”

Open Spaces enters a crowded market, with other disruptors, including Marie Kondo, the organizational guru who rolled out an ecommerce shop in November, and Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who operate under the company The Home Edit and released a line of  products in The Container Store last May.

Open Spaces is Pattern’s second brand, which Ling said is the company’s way of expanding into the rest of a consumer’s home after first arriving in the kitchen via Equal Parts. Ling declined to share sales or revenue figures for Equal Parts but said its average customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 and that it saw customers return during the holidays to purchase more items.

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