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Most significant advantage of buying glasses online

Most significant advantage of buying glasses online

The most significant advantage of buying glasses online: is spending the least amount of money and getting the best glasses. I truly recommend all nearsighted people try buying glasses online. Of course, you can find a lot of cheap glasses online, and that’s where they have the price advantage because the various costs of intermediaries and stores are deducted.
At the end of your optometry, you’ve got all your optometry data immediately, don’t rush off; wander around the store and try on some frames. Don’t have any embarrassment here; I think I don’t buy glasses from here; I’m so casual that trying on frames is not good ah. There is no need, just be open and try them on. Just like buying clothes in the mall, I don’t buy clothes, but why not let them try?
Here also to knock the point, do not blindly buy glasses frames online; you must come to the offline stores to try them on in person. There are some differences between the effect you see online and the effect you try on in person. The same brand is similar between the models; the difference is huge. The height and width of the frames are different, but these differences are not visible online at all, and what you see through the website pictures is just a posed look, which will differ from your actual wearing effect.
The following popularization of a few basic knowledge, choose glasses frame must know.
All eyeglass frames will have data information printed on the inside of the eyeglass legs. This string of characters, first of all, refers to the model of this eyeglass frame; the general brand frames are mostly used in the combination of letters + numbers. The next two digits refer to the width of the individual frame of the glasses, followed by two digits referring to the width of the nose bridge. The next three digits refer to the length of the temples, and the unit of all three digits is millimeters. Finally, there is generally a letter plus a number that refers to the color number of this eyeglass frame model subordinate because it is the same frame will be divided into what a variety of colors, so use this to distinguish the mark.
The most important thing is the three numbers in the middle, such as 52-16-140. In the optometry data you just finished, you will get your pupillary distance data, and this data is generally about 60; it is the distance between your two pupils. What I need to do, for example, is to add the first two of the three numbers, 52 + 16 = 68, which is called the optical center of the frame. Then use the number 68 to subtract from my pupil distance of 66. Here is very important, 68-66=2; the 2mm is called the amount of shift, which means that after the lens processing, the optical center of the frame should be moved to the position of your pupil distance, the distance you need to move. The smaller the number, the better. The smaller it is, the more the frame matches your visual characteristics; the best result is 0, and the optical center of the frame matches your pupil distance exactly. This difference, I think, can be defined arbitrarily; preferably within 6, 10 is the limit.

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