Facebook will hire 1,000 people for its office in London in 2020 across departments including technology (software engineering, data science), product development and safety.

Vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn told Paul Sandle and Elizabeth Howcroft of Reuters that more than one-half of the new jobs will be in technology, while the social network will also beef up its community integrity team, which is responsible for detecting and removing harmful content from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Mendelsohn told Sandle and Howcroft that Facebook wanted clarity on the effects of Brexit before committing fully, adding, “The (Prime Minister Boris Johnson) government has been very clear about what that looks like, and so we will continue to invest here in London.”

Facebook released a study by Copenhagen Economics of over 7,700 businesses across all industries and sizes in 15 European countries, and it found that Facebook’s family of applications helped create 208 billion euros ($230 billion) of economic value in 2019.

Mendelsohn told Sandle and Howcroft. “When you extrapolate that further, what you see is that 3.1 million jobs (have been created) in Europe as a result of people utilizing our platforms.”

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