It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for media agencies.

Of course, we mean it’s time to submit applications for Adweek’s 2019 Media Agency of the Year.

Last year, Initiative, OMD and Essence rose to the top through a combination of outstanding work and savvy moves.

While 2019 may not have met the “mediapalooza” frenzy of previous years, it was anything but stagnant, marking yet another year of evolution for the industry as data and technology become more important than ever.

The year saw one of the most-watched media reviews in recent memory while also featuring some strong performances from independent media agencies outside of the major global networks.

So which agencies stood apart from the pack with their strategic acumen, innovation and talent, weathering the industry’s seismic shifts with aplomb?

Did your agency have a standout year, dominating the global or domestic media landscape? Was 2019 the year your agency skyrocketed to the next level?

If so, apply for Adweek’s 2019 Media Agency of the Year to be considered for recognition in the Breakthrough, U.S. and Global categories.

Please file your application via this form by the deadline of Dec. 9 at noon Eastern Time.

If you have questions, please contact Erik Oster at [email protected].

We wish you the best of luck.

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